Couples Counseling – Building Trust in a Relationship after an Affair

Consistency Over Time = Results

“Success is achieved by a consistent working through of issues, each time with the partners taking more responsibility with the tools that they have learned from previous sessions. I have helped many couples, and I can help you” Dr. Kerns

Consistency is also vitally important when it come to building trust following an affair. After an affair the partners in a couple must reliably demonstrate, over time, that they have changed.

How is this achieved? When couples experience a betrayal in their relationship they are disappointed and angry. Many times in the first few weeks, the only civil conversation they have is in my office. Initially they may require sessions 2 times a week to assist in developing a new level of communication. In this time they are adjusting to living with their new reality.

How do we define our life together, now that this has happened?

Dr. Marie Kerns, PsyD. is a Skilled Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Adjunct Faculty, and Board Member. She is ready to help you and your partner navigate this tough time.

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