Irvine Couples Counseling – Disappointed Wife

Some Couples are searching for a way to define Roles & Ideals of a Successful Couple in todays world. More than anything, they need a guide to understand and interpret their confusion.

This could be part of the problem: Women have been asking men to become more in touch with their feelings, and to share those deep thoughts. Some men have accommated, as best they could, with great disappointment to both partners.

Ask and you shall receive. The surprise is that women are disappointed to hear that their partner’s deep thoughts, differ from what they expected, and they are not shy in expressing their disappointment.

Even when a man supports his women’s ambition, this turns out to be less than she had hoped for. Some women desire their partner to be what they want of him. Not what he wants.

If this is happening in your relationship, counseling could help you to manage this conflict, to the benefit of both partners.

Dr. Kerns can be reached at 949-285-5199

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